2017 Term 1

Wednesday and Thursday

from 30th of January to 13th of  April

At Clip 'N Climb North Shore, we encourage happy, healthy and active living. One of Clip 'N Climb’s core beliefs is that climbing is a healthy activity with many benefits emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.


We have designed this 10 week Clip 'N Climb North Shore Rock Stars After School Programme for your keen young climbers.


In Clip 'N Climb North Shore's vibrant and stimulating environment, children learn basic climbing skills which will help them to conquer the multilevel challenges on Clip 'N Climb elements. They will learn about a variety of aspects of climbing including equipment, climbing styles and techniques...etc in a fun, accessible and safe way. Where possible, we related everything back to sport climbing, sowing the seeds for future sport climbers. Our parent testimonies reported that children progressively increase in confidence and finish the course with an "I can do it!" attitude, not only towards climbing, but other challenges they come across in life. These after school hour sessions also provide an opportunity for your children to recharge by completely shifting their focus from their busy school lives and focus on one thing they love, climbing!


There are 2 levels. Climbers get a Rock Stars T-shirt and a Log Book which records their weekly progress.


We look forward to seeing your children climb to become stronger, fitter and healthier during this 10 week challenge.